Content Moderation


We provide a customized hands-on and personal approach with our
clients and can work with any size budget on any size project.


We handle photos, videos and text moderation.

Online security.


Content moderation is one of the most important and sensitive aspects of maintaining and developing a safe and healthy online presence. Sixth Gear Studios uses cutting edge tools as well as a 24/7 staff to ensure we are able to effectively monitor and prevent community abuses as defined by the requirements of each specific community.

Full-service solution.


Our team handles both post-moderation and pre moderation. Our team can review and remove questionable items that have been flagged and as well the review of content before it is posted and proactively troll for questionable or inappropriate content.

Working for you.


We provide a customized approach and are able to work on any size scope and size of project.

Increase profits.


Our offshore location provides us the ability to leverage costs savings and share them with our clients.