Painless Image Moderation

Image Moderation can help you protect and enhance your brand.

Sixth Gear Studio's Image Moderation Services helps bring a new level of customer service by allowing you to focus on what you do best and allowing us to monitor your online reputation 24/7.

We moderate millions of images per day for many clients.

Pre and Post Moderation Experts

Sixth Gear Studios has the ability to moderate images before users are able to post them on social networks and the ability to moderate after users post. Depending on the needs of our clients and the traffic demographics we can cater solutions to give your audience the best online experience.

Sixth Gear Studios Complete Solutions

At Sixth Gear Studios, our commitment to the services we provide allow us to adapt to future business needs of our customers. As you and your company grows, Sixth Gear Studios continually educates and trains staff on the current and future trends of the business world.

We can help you set future trends.
Millions of images moderated daily
Sixth Gear Studios helps keeps the internet clean
Satisfied Customers Worldwide

Sixth Gear Studios prides itself on the long term relationships it has had with many companies around the world.
Here are just a few that we have worked with:

"I worked with Sixth Gear Studios on multiple occasions; I can say with full confidence that they always deliver quality work and do not rest until expectations are met.
I fully endorse their team to get the job done."

Spencer C., Operations Manager, Aeria Games Europe
  • Does Sixth Gear Studios use Manual or Automated methods for their image moderation services?
    Sixth Gear Studios takes pride in its manual moderation methods. Our professional team of in-house moderators help keep your brand safe 24/7.
  • Does Sixth Gear Studios have its own tools for image moderation? Can I provide my own tools for moderation?
    We at Sixth Gear Studios can cater to both. We have our own tools to get the job done and we also use your tools for the same purpose. Let us know what you need from us and we can create an affordable solution for you and your company.
  • Can your team use custom rules when moderating?
    Yes, We can employ the use of custom rules in order to moderate user generated content. Let us know the specifics and we can definitely use your rules when moderating.
  • Does your company crowdsource?
    No we DO NOT crowdsource. We employ all of our moderators. Sixth Gear Studios offices are located in Hanoi, Vietnam.

"I have been working with Sixth Gear Studios for almost 10 years. The team has provided us with great games and reliable community management services. I consider myself very lucky to have access to such a talented team for a variety of company needs."

Justin S., CEO, MocoSpace

Sixth Gear Studios creates custom Image Moderation solutions for our clients.
We cater to every budget size and implement cost effective solutions.

Prices start as low as 2 cents per image.

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"I worked with Sixth Gear Studios for web application development. The team was easy to work with, very professional, and always receptive to changing requirements. I've had several experiences working with off-shore teams in the past; Sixth Gear Studios has been the best without a doubt. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to outsource."

Jang K., Director of Consumer Products, FunMobility
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  • We protect your brand
  • Faster and higher quality moderation
  • We deliver world class customer service
  • 24/7/365 Online presence
  • Identify and reduce online media crisis
  • Cost effective and scalable solution
  • Sixth Gear Studios has your complete social media security solution


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